Monday, May 5, 2008

Stranded in Beech Grove

Week before last, I was standing in line to board a plane for Las Vegas, and this very attractive young woman behind me asked, "Are you Barbara Shoup?"

"I am," I said, wracking my brain to remember her name. I'm terrible at remembering names, which is a constant source of mortification for me.

But it turns out, I didn't know her. Lauren Cram recognized me from the photo on the back flap of Stranded in Harmony--which she was teaching in two of her English classes at Beech Grove High School. That very week!

Since we were both on our way to Las Vegas, the appropriate response to this unlikely coincidence was, "What are the odds of that?"

We maneuvered to switch seats on the plane and chatted about books and teaching and teenagers for most of the flight, which made the time go by quickly.

Last Thursday, I visited Lauren's classes to talk about Stranded in Harmony and about writing and the writing life. Her students asked intelligent, perceptive questions about the book, reminding me for the millionth time why I love to be in the company of teenagers.

I'd write more, but I was having so much fun, I was so happy among them that I wasn't thinking, just being. It's all just one big blur of light in my mind.

Thanks, you guys! I hope you aced the test!

Note to self: Do more of this!


Bryan said...

Cosmic? Cosmic!

Brian said...

You seem to be the Queen of Weird Coincidences.

Barbara Shoup said...

I AM, actually. What do you suppose that's about?!