Friday, January 23, 2009

Poetry Friday: Food. Music. Memory


She says: Cupcakes. Brownies. Pies. She says:
Remember this. Bread. Stew. Sauce. She says:
All that time. She says: singing. All I taught
you. She says: Crayon. Alligator. By Scouts.
She says: Baseball. Soccer. Track. She says:
I was there. Remember?

I say: Shouting. Silence. Shouting. I say:
Remember this. Scotch. Vodka. Kahlua. I say:
Cupcake. Meatloaf. Sauce. I say: Singing. All
you would not tell me. I say: Crayon. Dancing.
Guitar. I say: Belt. Hairbrush. Hand. I say:
I was there. Remember?

Susan Marie Scavo

Susan Marie Scavo is a Certified Archetypal Therapist and Teacher of Teacher of Archetypal dreamwork. To hear her read several of her poems visit

Think about a relationship in your life that creates conflict because you and that person disagree about the way things really were. It might be a parent, a former friend, boy/girl friend, teacher. Choose two things that particularly characterize your disagreement (comparable to Scavo's food and music). Jot down a list of things that the other person says or remembers about those things, then create a list of your own memories that contradicts them. Use Scavo's poem as a model, using fragments and repetitions to write a poem that captures the essence of your own conflicted relationship.

(NOTE: It is not plagiarizing to use another poet's work as a model for your own. It would be plagiarism to publish it without acknowledging the other work, unless the work takes a leap from the model poem and becomes something completely new.)

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