Friday, September 25, 2009

Hope Is That Thing with Feathers--Also...

Hope is Like a Skateboard

Hope is like the grip tape on my
skateboard that’s barely holding on
because its been used too many times.

Hope is the glue that puts the
new neon green grip tape on so it
can make it.

Hope is the wheels on my board that
go through dirt and cracks but never
stop moving.

Hope is the way my board will
let me do a 360 nose grind tray flip
and not crack from the pressure.

Hope is the power of the board
that doesn’t show.

Hope is the magic of the board
that will take you anywhere you want.

Hope is all in a ordinary, special,
beat up, prize winning, board, just
like its in you.

This poem was written by Destiny, one of the juvenile offenders in this summer's writing workshop at the Indiana School for Girls sponsored by the Writers' Center of Indiana and Very Special Arts.

She was recently released, and I hope she is on her skateboard right now! I also really hope she keeps writing.

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