Monday, November 2, 2009

The Morning after Halloween

We took our dog, Louise, for a walk as we always do on Sunday morning, weather willing. Not long after we left our house, I saw a pair of dingy white house slippers on the sidewalk, positioned so that they looked as if someone had just stepped out of them and kept right on going. Not far away, resting in some ferns, was a single rubber glove (yellow).

Along the Monon Trail, I found a curly brown wig, a black sock, pink and purple boa residue, a red plaid cap with a fringe of fake brown hair along the back, a bunny tail,a flame headband, bits of pillow stuffing, the tip of a plastic sword, and a nifty red sequinned trident.

In the gutter outside Three Dog Bakery, Louise's favorite store, there was a stemless silk rose (red).

You write the story!


Lisa said...

Funny... :-)

Barbara Shoup said...
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