Friday, May 28, 2010

Conversation in the Target Parking Lot

So I get to my car with my purchases and come face-to-face with a very cute little boy, about four, sitting in his car seat in the van next to it. The door's open, his mom's loading what they've bought into the back.

Me: Well, hello there!

Boy: What's your name?

Me: Barb. What's your name?

Boy: Oscar.

Me: That is a fabulous name. You are going to grow up and do amazing things with a name like that.

Boy's Mom: What do you say?

Boy: Do you know everyone dies?

Me: I do. It's sad, isn't it? But usually it doesn't happen for a long, long time.

Boy: (Nods, contemplative.) Everyone dies.

Boy's Mom (mortified and somewhat alarmed): I'm so sorry. He's just obsessed with this. I don't know what to do.

Me: What can you do, really? He's right.

Boy's Mom: (Sighs.) What do you say, Oscar?

Boy: Nice to meet you.

Me: It was really nice to meet you, too, Oscar.

And I load the stuff I bought in Target into the car and drive away.