Sunday, September 25, 2011

Is This My Beautiful House?

I’ve written before about house angst, that longing for the perfect house. Who knew I had one? I mean, I love my house (now, after years of a love/hate relationship with it), but I was pretty surprised when someone from the Broad Ripple Historic Home Tour left a note on my door last spring asking if we’d consider opening our house for it. Then, when I didn’t respond, showed up on my doorstep and asked in person.

“Well,” I said. “I guess you can come in and look around to see if you’re really interested.”

They were. I thought it would be fun, so I said, “Yes.

I got two basic responses when I told people about this: “Oh, cool!” and “Are you crazy?”

As for the latter, last week, as the Home Tour loomed, I was beginning to think “crazy” might apply. Not because I was feeling worried about 800 or so people tromping through my house, invading my privacy or, worse, stealing my stuff, but because I actually found myself polishing the leaves of my plants. Seriously. It was the pinnacle of days and days of cleaning and sprucing things up, generally. Not to mention spending an awful lot of money on kitchen and bathroom counters, newly painted rooms, and landscaping improvements.)

“But when it all got going on Saturday morning, I had a blast.

"I love the yellow!" people said, coming in.

"And the blue kitchen!"

“Are you an artist?” one woman asked. “You are very daring with color.”

I think it was a compliment.

People lingered in my nutty little office, which looks alarmingly like the inside of my head.

“Whoa!” they said when they walked out into my nifty little garden.

I was exhausted when it was over. Today, I relished the rainy, gloomy day inside my still-sparkling house, with it bouquets of flowers bought at the Farmers Market for the occasion.


Cathy Day said...

Ha! I showed my house here in Muncie LAST weekend. It was exhausting but also really cool. A man showed up who played in my house when he was a boy--52 years earlier. It made me feel really connected to my street, my town.

Tim Lafferty said...

I don't see the nuclear goose anywhere!

Brendan said...

Your house is very beautiful. The yellow-colored walls in your living room are so warm and gentle to the eyes. I love how you put up all those different colors in each of your rooms. =)

Brendan Amorose

Kermit Lukacs said...

I admire the color scheme you applied to the interior of your house too, especially how they don't look at all sharp or too stark for your furnishings. The best room would be your office though! The contrast made it stand out from the rest of the rooms in your house!

- Kermit Lukacs

Lincoln said...

I agree with Kermit, the nutty office is the best because it mirrors your thoughts. Congrats for making it into the Historic Home Tour. It must be awkward to open your doors to enthusiasts, but I bet you’re used to it now, and flattered still!

- Lincoln Kitchen

Noreen Weigle said...

Wow, I love your home! I think your home reflects your personality very well. The solid colors you use to paint your walls makes me imagine that every room is in a different time and place. Great job, Barbara! =)

- Noreen Weigle

Calvin said...

Well, you truly did not have any regrets Ms. Barbara; they really loved your house. It’s not every day we get to hear great compliments like that huh? I also love your house so much! How I wish I could also have a tour of your beautiful and fashionable home.

Calvin Mordarski

Lorrie Sermons said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! But, yes, your house is not just beautiful, it is awesome! I love your garden too. It’s simple and very refreshing. No wonder why you kept on hearing compliments. Good job!

-Lorrie Sermons

Lorrie Sermons said...
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Lakisha Zimmerer said...

I agree with Kermit! I love the different color choices you used for each room. :) I think this allowed you to experiment with different interior designs and to fully use your creativity in each room. Good job!

Lakisha Zimmerer

Miguel Mcdonald said...

I love your idea of painting each room with different solid colors. It gives me an impression of a home within a home. You definitely succeeded in putting these different home ideas into a single dwelling. It looks very great! =)

- Miguel Mcdonald

Petra Forbes said...

That’s exactly my sentiment, Miguel. Each room has a different impression and character. I always wanted a home like this, but I’m afraid that it will look silly. Well, after seeing this photoset, I am now swayed to experimenting with home designs. I hope my ideas will work well with my house. =)

- Petra Forbes