Monday, January 19, 2009

MLK Day in Washington, D.C.

So important to start the day getting a fix on the news! We read about...ourselves (well, ourselves and maybe a million others...) and what happened here yesterday. Then we watched the news on TV and had our daily hotel hall race before setting out for the...

Spy Museum! It was way cool. Heidi liked getting her code name, which was Angelina Falcon. Jake's was Billy Henderson. They liked watching the movie about spies and their missions. Heidi got a spy walkie-talkie in the gift shop, and Jake got night vision binoculars. My own personal favorite spy device was a "dog doo transmitter." Slightly alarming was the video teaching us how to pick locks:-)

We went to the White House Visitors' Center, where there were pictures of the presidents and their families. We got good stuff to paste into our Washington School notebooks. We signed the "What's Your Dream" poster--and wished for peace.

Coach Bepo's special physical fitness event of the day was a race on the mall. Julia won!

After the race, we walked along the reflecting pool toward the Lincoln Memorial, where a lot of people had gathered to celebrate Martin Luther King Day. A guy lent us his "I Am Obama" sign so we could take a picture with it. We saw loads of really cool buttons and tee-shirts for sale. It was a long walk back to the hotel! Our feet were killing us!

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