Sunday, January 18, 2009

Here We Are!

This picture of my goddaughter, Jacky Shin, and her dad is exactly what it felt like to be in Washington, D.C. today. The energy was amazing, everyone smiling and friendly, full of happy anticipation. It felt like "We the People," and it was a good feeling!

Here's a cool picture of one of the many jumbo TV's that are all over the place. As we walked back towards the Mall, they were doing sound checks, someone singing "The Star Spangled Banner" over and over. I never in my life have been moved by that song. In fact, I really don't like it. Today, though, hearing it as I walked toward the Washington Monument gave me a little chill.

This afternoon, we met up with our friends Leah, Bumshik, Julia, Jacky and their visitor from Korea, and took a long walk down the Mall to the Capitol Building, where we could see all the chairs set up for the Inauguration on Tuesday. We took a turn past the Library of Congress--alas, it wasn't open today, then took a run up and down the Capitol steps. (Well, the kids and Kate did.)

The high point of the day for the kids was getting interviewed by Roll Call Magazine. Fame seemed imminent!

And if it doesn't work out by way of Roll Call, there's always MSNBC. They were broadcasting on the Mall, and we hung out there a long time, cheering every time the camera swooped our way.

Onward to the Natural History Museum.

And, finally, after a long, but wonderful day--back to the hotel!

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