Friday, January 16, 2009

We Made it to Washington, PA

Blog post from Heidi:

The ride was so long! I worked on my computer, then I finished the first Lemony Snicket. It was awesome! Then I played on my DS. Then I slept for the rest of the time. (Everyone slept, except for the driver.)

When we stopped for gas, Jake got some toys and I just got some stinkin' candy:-(

When we got to the Hampton Inn we brought in all of our stuff on luggage carts. It took me a tough time to get it out of the door! We have a lot of treats: muffins, cookies, peanut butter crackers, chips, water, and pretzels. Jenny, Jake and Jim are sleeping in one room. Me, my grandma, grandpa and mom are sleeping in the other.

We are going to get up early and drive the rest of the way. Jake and I are really looking forward to going to the Spy Museum.

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